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    Hello there,

    We are a UK based web hosting provider that focuses on providing quality UK hosting solutions at affordable prices. We operate out of an office in central London with a team of staff available 24/7/365. Our datacenter is located in City Reach datacentre, London Docklands, less than 5 miles from our office. Unlike other web hosting providers, we offer true 24/7/365 support with our on site, in house, experienced support staff. We offer a range of hosting services, including web hosting, SSD VPS, dedicated servers, domain registration, SSL certificates and various licensing options for those services.

    CPU - E3-1270v2
    RAM - 16GB Ram
    HDD - 1TB HDD or 120GB SSD
    Bandwidth - Unmetered
    IPs - /29 (5 IP's Usable)
    IPV6 Enabled
    1Gbit Connectivity
    Location - LA
    ASIA Optimised Bandwidth
    £90 / monthly -

    Dual E5-2630L
    32GB Ram
    1x 120GB SSD
    /29 +/64 optional
    20TB bandwidth
    Included 10Gbit connectivity at 20TB.
    Location - US LA & NYC
    £130.00 GBP / motnhly -

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